The world of skating is living through its champions on wheels, its skating volunteers, thanks to a multitude of public and private actors who invest every day in their passion. These interviews of prominent persons should help you better understand the richness of our practice ...

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Interview with Enrique Rubio, Spanish Slalom and slide Champion

Interview with Enrique Rubio, Spanish Slalom and slide Champion

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Interview with Lorenzo Guslandi, Italian Slalom Skater

Lorenzo Guslandi lives for slalom skating. The Italian Slalom Skater fell in love with this practice, encouraged by his parents. He will do his best to get the gold at the upcoming 2017 World Roller Games in China. Interview...

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Interview with Alexandre Claris

World #5 in freestyle slalom at the 2014 WSSA World Ranking, 4th in speed slalom, 5th in slide... There's no doubt about it, Alexandre Claris is quite a skilful skater! We've interviewed him on the docks of Bordeaux, France to know a bit more about him...

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Interview: Falko Quinger, versatile skater

Falko Quinger (Germany) is versatile skater: he started with street-skating, tried slalom skating, downhill skating, speed-skating and skate cross. Interview ...

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Interview with Yohan Fort (Fra)

Yohan Fort has spent the three quarters of his life living for his passion: Skating. He’s experienced it in as many ways as possible, having a go at various specialties all through the years. However, one in particular caught his attention: Speed Slalom ...

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Interview with Klaudia Hartmanis (Poland)

Klaudia Hartmanis was still unknown in the world scene of Freestyle Slalom one year ago, but she made quite an impression during the whole year, thanks to her fresh and energic style which is getting more original and mastered with time, and a good technical list which keeps on growing and getting more complex...

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Interview with Kim Sung Jin: Double No.1

The Freestyle Prodigy managed a new feat two weeks ago: that of becoming No.1 at the Speed Slalom World Ranking. Freestyle was not enough, he couldn’t help but seizing the other crown too! Having managed to get the Freestyle title back in September 2010, he now also affords the Speed title, to his greatest surprise!

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Naomi Grigg's Latest Interview 2011 (ENGLISH)

Keanoush Zargham proposes us his latest interview with skate celebrity Naomi Grigg. She talks about her life in skating, life after retirement and whats installed for the future...

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Interview Vincent Vu Van Kha

Vincent Vu Van Kha is a member of the Original Team Rollerblade, a grouping of skaters of disciplines to the antipodes, the speed-skating with Tamara Llorens, the freeride with Greg Mirzoyan. Interview of a virtuoso of the slalom...

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Interview: Luca Ulivieri (Italy)

Since March, 2011, the Italian Luca Ulivieri is the new world number 1 in the Speed Slalom WSSA World Ranking He fought on the edge of the top 10 during months until September. Then, he came to tickle his fellow countryman Tiziano Ferrari, who held the first place since European championships 2009 (Moscow, Mars 09)...

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Interview : Marina Boyko

She's got her hair short and orange, she's got smurf-blue FR1 skates, and she is the most senior international competitor in Freestyle Slalom. But she is also – and above all – the new World Number 1 at the WSSA Ranking, a first place she took last September after a season during which she went crescendo...

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Interview: Martin Sloboda, n°1 WSSA

Martin Sloboda is the Discovery of Year 2009: Most skaters are unanimous in designating him Freestyler of the year, a well-deserved title given his results. We saw this unknown 15-year old German Kid rocketing in a few weeks, winning the European Championships in the early Season, collecting first places all through the year, and finally reaching the Top of the World Ranking in August at the end of the Season...

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Interview with Kim Sung Jin

I took the opportunity of interviewing Kim Sung Jin during our March trip in Russia for Battle SPB and Battle Moscow. Behind his quietness which could easily be mistaken for shyness, hides a kind and modest young man who has revolutionized Slalom-skating...

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Slalom interview: Fanny Violeau

"FannyStyle" : Apart from this hit-video, Fanny is known for her disconcerting gift for sitting tricks, her speed – in speed slalom as well as in freestyle knitting, and her exuberance which could wake the dead. Here is an interview with the Swallow of the SebaTeam!

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Interview: Viktor Meleshkevich (Russia)

Viktor is Russian. He's been practising slalom-skating for only three years but he is fond of super high technical wheeling tricks. He's one of the main actors of this new wave of mad Russian freestylers who constantly push further the technical challenge...

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Interview: Naomi Grigg (London, UK)

Naomi Grigg, she's a freestyle skater above all. But attention please: the Londoner globe-trotter wears several hats! Her job? Skater... which is to say? Yes, she is a freestyler, as a competitor, as a demonstrator, and as an instructor (that's quite a lot and it makes many,ors as well) and even as an organiser (cf. SkateLondon Battle 15-16 August '09)...

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Interview : Tiziano Ferrari (Italy)

The 20-year old Italian skater is probably the more Asian of the European Freestylers, when talking about style. During the 2008 season he made his presence felt in all the competitions he took part, reaching more and more often the Battle finals, and presenting swingy, lively and dynamic individual runs...

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Interview: Terence and Clarence Cheung

They are two brothers. They are both devils for freestyle skating. Terence and Clarence are currently #19 and #22 at the WSSA World Ranking (Dec.08). But above all, they reign supreme over the Singaporean Freestyle scene, exchanging the first and the second national places depending on the year: in 2007 Terence seizes the SNFC* title, and in 2008 it's Clarence's turn...

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Interview : Polina Semenova (Russia)

She is the present world number 3 at the WSSA World Ranking. She may be quiet, but she's none the less talented. Her speciality? Compasses: extensions and evolutions, of which she makes the most in every possible way. Here is a little flash-back on her skating development till today...

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Interview of Igor Cheremetieff

Here is an interview of Igor Cheremetieff, the #1 at the WSSA World Ranking in Freestyle Slalom Skating. Let's turn back time and listen to him talking about his debuts, his development, and all the way he went till now. Let's penetrate his mind and learn a bit about his perception of the discipline. No doubt you will find some interesting facts to satisfy your curiosity!

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Interview of Eddy Chua - WSSA World Championship

Last month I met Eddy Chua, the organiser of the 2008 WSSA World Championship, and I took the opportunity of asking him a few basic things about the organisation...

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Interview of Rudy Op't Veld

Unnoticed at the Paris Slalom World Cup '07 (May) in the Amateur Category, Rudy's performance at Battle UK II : Attack of the Cones, only six months later (October '07), was much more striking: he finishes 2nd of the Freestyle Battle! Not that bad – and quite promising – for a guy who started skating only one year before...

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