The world of skating is living through its champions on wheels, its skating volunteers, thanks to a multitude of public and private actors who invest every day in their passion. These interviews of prominent persons should help you better understand the richness of our practice ...

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Interview with Enrique Rubio, Spanish Slalom and slide Champion

Interview with Enrique Rubio, Spanish Slalom and slide Champion

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Interview with Mathilde Monneron an excellent and multifaced skater

Mathilde Monneron is part of a little group of skaters that doesn't only compete in one discipline. Every discipline allows her to develop her technical skills and learn more about skating. The interview...

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Interview with Alexandre Claris

World #5 in freestyle slalom at the 2014 WSSA World Ranking, 4th in speed slalom, 5th in slide... There's no doubt about it, Alexandre Claris is quite a skilful skater! We've interviewed him on the docks of Bordeaux, France to know a bit more about him...

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Interview: Falko Quinger, versatile skater

Falko Quinger (Germany) is versatile skater: he started with street-skating, tried slalom skating, downhill skating, speed-skating and skate cross. Interview ...

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Interview: Kirill Ryanzantsev (aka "Rekil")

ReKiL, it's a simplified shortcut for the complicated initial gobbledygook Kirill Ryazantsev. ReKiL is part of the first generation of Russian Freestylers. And he holds the national longevity record, as he is the last survivor in competitions (in the skaters' side – not in the organisation's).

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Interview: Jireyh Goh

Jireh is Singaporean. And in Singapore the favorite skating sports, it's Sliding! Jireh belongs to this first wave of sliders which started a little more than three years ago. And just as his fellow sliders, Jireh's level has peaked up in no time—a progression accelerated thanks to a super bound team spirit, that of the MTS (Micro Team Singapore).

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