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A pair of roller skates is composed with more than fifty different parts ... but do you know exactmu how these parts are made? From the designing of the wheels to the machining of the frames or in the manufacturing of bearings, OLS reveals you how these different parts of your beloved roller skates are made...

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Skating Wheels manufacturing

We frequently complain about their price, their excessive wear, how they slip too much or stick excessively. We praise for their rolling qualities, their rebound, and their reactivity. No doubt, our wheels are often the heart of conversations between skaters! Nothing like a visit to French wheel manufacturer RollX to learn more about how they are made...

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Anatomy of Skate axles and spacers

The axles and spacers insure the consistency between the frame and the wheels and bearings. They partly determine the performance according to their materials, their thickness and their rigidity. Focus on those little known parts…

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The new tightening systems of big skate brands

These last years, the tightening systems of the big skate brands have evolved, inspired by concepts already tested for skiing. Overview of the concepts available on the market...

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The manufacturing processes of skate frames

The frame is a key-part of our skates. Its shape, its length and its rigidity vary according to the discipline and the needs of the skater. Made of composite or polyurethane, they are molded or injected, just like boots. Made of aluminum, they may be pressed, extruded or machined from billet. What are the differences between theses manufacturing processes?

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Anatomy of a skate frame

The frame ensures the link between the boot and the wheels. Its technical characteristics (rigidity, length…) may considerably vary according to the considered practice.

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Anatomy of an inline skate wheel

Wheels are the centerpieces of a skate and its only contact with the ground. They condition skating according to numerous parameters: their shape, their diameter, their hardness, the flexibility of their core, etc. To each specialty corresponds a specific need with a specific wheel model...

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All about skate bearings

It is hard to rely on serious information as for the quality of bearings and the real needs met by skaters. Consumers are often overwhelmed by a torrent of technical terms and hazy marketing concepts. The best solution is to ask an importer to take stock on that spare part so precious to our gliding…

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What is a 'bore' in skating?

The vocabulary of skating can be quite exotic sometimes, and some words are borrowed from other fields. It is the case of « bore », coming directly from the world of mechanics...

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The trade secrets of skate boots

The way skate boots are made depends on the discipline: rigid in aggressive skating, low-cut in speed skating, semi-flexible in fitness skating. The materials involved in the process are very different too and influence the methods used. Here are the trade secrets of these key parts welcoming your feet…

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Anatomy of an inline skate boot

There are many types of boots, depending on the various existing practices: hockey, speed skating, slalom skating, downhill skating...

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Anatomy of an inline skate rubber brake

The brake of your inline skates is an outgrowth made of rubber, hard plastic or polyurethane. It is fixed at the rear of the frame. Here is the story of this very useful accessory ...

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Skate bearings: ABEC and ISO standards… Same difference?

Here are two barbarous acronyms which sometimes conceal very different realities. Even if the A.B.E.C. standard is the most common on the market and is often favored by vendors, yet it is not systematically a token of quality…

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Aggressive skating

Anatomy of a pair of aggressive skates

All the aggressive skates have structure elements in common: the boot, the frame, the wheels and the bearing. However, according to the concerned practice, some elements may vary to fit the skaters' needs. We have decided to dissect an aggressive skate for you…

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How are made rink-hockey skates?

Rink-hockey is a very popular discipline in Latin countries, but it doesn't get much media coverage in France. So that the skates used for rink-hockey are little-known. We were willing to brighten this shadowed area and we have dissected a rink-hockey skate for you. Description...

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Anatomy of a pair of Quad Skates

What we call quad skates or traditional skates are skates with mobile axles, and contrarily to common belief, they arrived later that inline skates! Dissection and working of these so-called dinosaurs which have made a strong comeback since a few months...

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The importance of fastening your skates efficiently

Quality of skating and power are key factors for performance in skating. But just as would say a famous pneumatic brand: “Power is nothing without control”. That’s why a good fastening is also determining. Tips and explanations…

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Aggressive skating

Please, build me a modular skate park!

Around the world, cities are installing skate parks. In the past few years, even if the number of concrete skate parks seriously increased, modular equipments are still majority. We met with the 3R Skateparks company to learn more about their production process...

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Anatomy of a pair of rollerskis

It is not rare to come across rollerskis on competitions or on the roads of Bourgogne and Franche-Comté, France: Rollerskis are finally not that different from our rollerskates, and for quite a lot of reasons. We studied a pair to know a bit more about their designing...

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Anatomy of skate liners

The liner is the essential part that determines the comfort, the precision and the quality of your skating. It may be made of leather, foam, or other more technological materials. It may be thermoformable or more classic, integrated or removable. Each characteristic influences the whole. Focus...

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The manufacturing of composite frames

Composite frames with carbon are far from being all over the market for the moment, but they may take more and more shares to aluminum frames in the future. EO Skates had the kindness to explain us the different manufacturing processes of those futuristic models...

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How are made skate wheels?

Did you know that the appearance of plastic wheels revived the skating trend in the 80's? Before they were inflatable, or made of wood or metal and did not have the comfort and rolling performances of today's equipment. Today, the manufacturers fight over the market and never stop improving their products. We have cut one open for you...

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The manufacturing of a pair of roller skates

Apart from a few pairs of made-to-measure speed skates, most skates are made with similar manufacturing and designing techniques: Studies on the needs of the skaters, creation in design committees, making of prototypes, tests, and mass production. Focus on the different stages...

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Speed Skating: The age of made-to-measure boots?

If in the old days, made-to-measure speed skating boots were reserved to elite skaters. Today, these products are the object of a growing demand from more and more skaters. You do not have to be a world champion to treat yourself to high range gear. We paid a visit to Philippe Renard who explained us how these performance gems are made…

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