Articles about inline-skates manufacturing

A pair of roller skates is composed with more than fifty different parts ... but do you know exactmu how these parts are made? From the designing of the wheels to the machining of the frames or in the manufacturing of bearings, OLS reveals you how these different parts of your beloved roller skates are made...

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All about skate bearings

It is hard to rely on serious information as for the quality of bearings and the real needs met by skaters. Consumers are often overwhelmed by a torrent of technical terms and hazy marketing concepts. The best solution is to ask an importer to take stock on that spare part so precious to our gliding…

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What is a 'bore' in skating?

The vocabulary of skating can be quite exotic sometimes, and some words are borrowed from other fields. It is the case of « bore », coming directly from the world of mechanics...

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Anatomy of a pair of rollerskis

It is not rare to come across rollerskis on competitions or on the roads of Bourgogne and Franche-Comté, France: Rollerskis are finally not that different from our rollerskates, and for quite a lot of reasons. We studied a pair to know a bit more about their designing...

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