On 18 May 2011 at 20:05 | updated 19 May 2011 at 08:30

Battle Masters Beijing 2011

Next Saturday will be held in Beijing, China, the first Battle Masters. This competition is a challenge reserved for the world's top 20 male skaters, and world's top 6 female skaters. + local invited skaters (Wild cards). The highest level ever in a Freestyle Battle competition will be reached next saturday ! Here is the list of confirmed skaters for this event...

#1 Kim Sung Jin KOR
#2 Sloboda Martin GER
#4 Li Jin Xi CHN
#5 Cheremetieff Igor FRA
#6 Liao Jie CHN
#7 Guo Fang CHN
#8 Lee Choong Goon KOR
#9 Kim Tae Bin KOR
#10 Cheung Clarence SIN
#12 Larrucea Jon ESP
#13 Yu Jin Seong KOR
#15 Colange Antoine FRA
#16 Shitov Andrei RUS
#17 Lan Wang Heng CHN
#18 Do Ji Hwan KOR
#20 Claris Alexandre FRA
#21 Ferrari Tiziano ITA

#24 (Wild Card) Almazan Adrian ESP
#35 (Wild Card) Li Yu Chen CHN
#39 (Wild Card) Tan Kah Ming SIN
#45 (Wild Card) Owyong Carlson SIN
#91 (Wild Card) Fu Chao CHN
#169 (Wild Card) Wang Chen CHN
#223 (Wild Card) Guo Jia Heng CHN
#258 (Wild Card) Zhang Hao CHN
#296 (Wild Card) Ye Hao Qin CHN
#551 (Wild Card) Yang Qing Zhi CHN

#1 Boyko Marina UKR
#2 Chen Chen CHN
#4 Semenova Polina RUS
#5 Bossi Barbara ITA
#6 Ziertmann Anya GER
#7 Su Fei Qian CHN
#97 (Wild Card) Meng Yun CHN
#166 (Wild Card) Feng Hui CHN

Battle Men 1st round groups

1 Kim Sung Jin KOR
16 Claris Alexandre FRA
17 Ferrari Tiziano ITA

8 Kim Tae Bin KOR
9 Cheung Clarence SIN
24 Guo Jia Heng CHN
25 Zhang Hao CHN

5 Liao Jie CHN
12 Colange Antoine FRA
21 Owyong Carlson SIN

4 Cheremetieff Igor FRA
13 Shitov Andrei RUS
20 Tan Kah Ming SIN

3 Li Jin Xi CHN
14 Lan Wang Heng CHN
19 Li Yu Chen CHN

6 Guo Fang CHN
11 Yu Jin Seong KOR
22 Fu Chao CHN
27 Yang Qing Zhi CHN

7 Lee Choong Goon KOR
10 Larrucea Jon ESP
23 Wang Chen CHN
26 Ye Hao Qin CHN

2 Sloboda Martin GER
15 Do Ji Hwan KOR
18 Almazan Adrian ESP

Battle Women semi finals

1 Boyko Marina UKR
4 Bossi Barbara ITA
5 Ziertmann Anya GER
8 Feng Hui CHN

2 Chen Chen CHN
3 Semenova Polina RUS
6 Su Fei Qian CHN
7 Meng Yun CHN

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