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Ranking Aggressive roller FISE 2011

Ranking Aggressive roller FISE 2011

In spite of the rain, the International Festival of the Extreme Sports took place well in Montpellier (France) and the various categories made a big show in front of a numerous public. In the pros category, Romain Godenaire won the competition, Roman Abrate is second and Brian Aragon third.

Joey Egan won the amateur competition, Rémi Santos finished second and Thomas Riffaud, third.


1) Romain Godenaire
2) Roman Abrate
3) Brian Aragon


1) Joey Egan
2) Rémi Santos
3) Thomas Riffaud

Under 16 years

1) Baudoin Yuma
2) Nicolas Reano
3) Nicolas Servy
4) Quentin Harkat
5) Andy Caron
6) Louis Luz
7) Sami Angsthelm
8) Laurent Alessandri

Photo : Matthieu Lecoffre

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