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Seba Beton On Fire Edit

On 8 and 9 July 2011, the legendary bobsleigh track in Altenberg, Germany, hosted the SEBA BETON ON FIRE. The best downhill inline skaters and skateboarders coming from over 10 different countries competed against the clock in a high speed challenge.

SEBA Beton On Fire' 2011 from SEBASKATES on Vimeo.

The winners are :

Inline skate

⁃ Daniel Ladurner (Austria): 1st (1'14"53)
⁃ Phillip Auerswald (Germany): 2nd (1'20"94)
⁃ Romain Guignet (Switzerland): 3rd (1'21"77)

Skateboard (Junior departure)

⁃ Olpp Hartmut (Germany): 1st (1'00"40)
⁃ Danny Strasser (Germany): 2nd (1'00"60)
⁃ Benjamin Malherbe (South Africa): 3rd (1'00"80)

Daniel Ladurner, is the winner of the 2010 and 2011 editions with a comfortable lead over the other competitors.
In the skateboard category, the surprise went from great return of Danny Strasser, who suffered a serious accident last year, he managed to climb on to second place just out of his convalescence.


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