On 19 July 2011 at 21:07 | updated 20 July 2011 at 10:00

Powerslide couple for the first time together in Cologne

Powerslide couple for the first time together in Cologne

Chechy brings Yann Guyader with her! At this year's K2 Cologne Skate Marathon (K2 Inlinemarathon Koeln) on October 2, 2011 there will be the best top athlete field ever since the premiere race 15 years ago. This GERMAN INLINE CUP final attracts high performance skaters from all over the world - also from France...

"We are very proud to also have Frenchman Yann Guyader, 2010 and 2008 World Inline Cup winner as well as 3-time world and 14-time European champion, for the first time in Cologne." says Sebastian Becker, the organizer's person in charge of inline skating.

Guyader will be accompanied by his wife and Colombian skate icon Cecilia "Chechy" Baena (2009 and 2008 WIC winner, 2010 WIC runner-up, diverse world championship titles) and his New Zealand team mate and technic crack Kalon Dobbin (2010 WIC runner-up, 8-time world champion and 3-time World Games winner). Chechy already started in Cologne in 2009, for Kalon it will also be the first time at the Rhine.

These three top skaters will complete the Powerslide Matter World team among the current GIC leader Sabine Berg. The team is now registered with 12 skaters! On the course they will make trouble and set off for numerous attacks in the GIC elite field and will maybe skate for a new course record in Cologne. We will see...

Further information on the race at http://www.koeln-marathon.de/skating

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