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DVD project: Roller Dreams revives Venice Beach

DVD project: Roller Dreams revives Venice Beach

Roller Dreams is Documentary project in Los Angeles, CA directed by Kate Hickey & Diana Ward. The rise and fall of the Venice Beach roller skate dancing scene from 1978 to present. Can these soul-inspired brothers and sisters reunite and revive the roller dream?

They were born to dance, but forgotten... until now. Roller Dreams is a humorous and poignant feature documentary about the rise and fall of the iconic Venice Beach roller dancing scene. Before skateboards, there were roller skates, and in 1978 the best of the best gathered in Venice Beach, California, to dazzle onlookers with their grooves and moves.

Thanks to their fancy footwork, Venice Beach became a world renown tourist hotspot, with Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley declaring Venice Beach "the roller skating capital of the world" in 1978. Hollywood soon came calling, but most of the original skaters failed to capitalize on the sport they popularized. Then came the 1990s and when drugs and Gangsta Rap took over at the beach, many of the skaters felt the Los Angeles Police force became intent on shutting down their beloved oasis at Venice Beach.

As the soulful brothers and sisters who drew the original crowds attempt to reunite for one final skate to revive the dream, they share their stories and heartaches. "The dream didn't fade, it was taken," says Mad, who spearheaded the roller dance movement. Feast your eyes on never seen before footage and interviews with the unforgettable characters that started it all. Get ready to lace your skates and roll along to the sounds of disco once more.

Roller Dreams teaser from Darley Street Disco on Vimeo.

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