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No marathon in Yoesu World Championships

No marathon in Yoesu World Championships

The roller speed-skating will world championship will start at the end of the week in Yeosu (South Korea). Surprisingly, it appears that the organization decided not organize the Marathon during this edition ... the fault to the specifications of the International Committee. A paragraph explains that the organization of the Marathon is at the discretion of the organization until 2013. South Korea does not seem to have found it necessary to set up this race.

The great strength of the marathon remains its media impact. Where the track events offer a limited audience because of the narrowness of the track and rate of admission tickets, marathons are held in the streets of major cities on routes where thousands of spectators can meet for free.
From 2014, new rules should be set up with the World Championships marathon for senior classes, masters and open category.
The next World Championships in Italy in 2012 and Belgium in 2013 should include a marathon in their program, but nothing is official yet.

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