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Berlin Marathon: The countdown has begun!

Berlin Marathon: The countdown has begun!

Preparations for both the athletes and the organisers are in their final phase. In less than three weeks the starting shot for the largest marathon in the world will be fired. The field of participants is complete: 6,572 inline skaters will create an impressive sight as they glide along the 42.195 km through Berlin. Under the motto “3 Days, 2 Nights, 1 Race”, participants from 51 countries will be enjoying the 15th edition of the classic inline marathon in the capital.

Representatives from five continents will be out on the course, including skaters from exotic countries such as Brazil, the Bahamas, South Africa and India. The largest group from one country comes from our neighbour Denmark, with 600 participants doing justice to their reputation as a country boasting plenty of sports enthusiasm. With about 32 percent female participation – much more than in the running race – inline skating proves its capacity as an ideal fitness sport for everyone.

While it is no longer possible to register for the marathon, kids aged 6-13 can still sign up for the SCC-Skating KidsCup at the BERLIN VITAL Expo.

You can find more detailed participant information here.

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