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Berlin's favorites: Giovanna Turchiarelli and Severin Widmer

Berlin's favorites: Giovanna Turchiarelli and Severin Widmer

Marathon favourites: Giovanna Turchiarelli (Italy) and Severin Widmer (Switzerland) will race with the number “1”. Just three weeks before the start of the 38th BMW Berlin Marathon for inline skaters on September 24th, the field of top athletes is complete and the best male and female skaters have been given their race numbers.

All of the major stars in the skating scene will be there. These include last year’s champions Severin Widmer from Switzerland and Giovanna Turchiarelli from Italy.
Top star Joey Mantia from the USA will be at the start too, attempting to improve his course record from 2008 of 1:00:32. The Frenchman Yann Guyader should also be present in Berlin, such as his wife, the Colombian Cecilia Baena. Both skaters dominated the World scene last year.

The start numbers at a glance

T1 Severin Widmer (SUI) - Swiss Skate Team
T2 Joey Mantia (USA) - Simmons / Schänkel
T3 Yann Guyader (FRA) - Powerslide Matter World Team
T4 Rijhnen Felix (GER) - Powerslide Matter World Team
T5 Juan Nayib Tobon (COL) - BONT Geisingen arena team
T6 Fabio Francolini (ITA) - World Team Alessi
T7 Nicolas Iten (SUI) - Swiss Skate Team
T8 Martin Thaler (AUT) - Inc. Racing Team
T9 Grandgirard Mathieu (FRA) - Rollerblade Going Top
T10 Victor Wilking (GER) BONT - Geisingen arena team
X1 Turchiarelli Giovanna (ITA) - World Team Alessi
X2 Cecilia Baena (COL) - Powerslide Matter World Team
X3 Katharina Rumpus (GER) - Powerslide Matter World Team
X4 Jana Gegner (GER) - CadoMotus World Team
X5 Sabine Berg (GER) - Powerslide Matter World Team
X6 Francesca Lollobrigida (ITA) - World Team Alessi
X7 Tamara Llorens (ARG) - Rollerblade International
X8 Barbotin Nathalie (FRA) - Powerslide Matter World Team
X9 Katja Ulbrich (GER) - Team GB Racing
X10 Sabrina Rossow (GER) - Experts Race Team 

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