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World Inline Cup of Haining 2011 : Scott Arlidge 1st!

World Inline Cup of Haining 2011 : Scott Arlidge 1st!

The final stage of the World Inline Cup took place this weekend in Haining (China). Many skaters took the start, mostly local skaters who have benefited from a week's holiday and National Day. In fact, one celebrated the 90th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party (1921-2011)!

Program: 7 rounds of 6 km.

The men's race: a lot of attacks

Many attacks embellished the race. Yann Guyader in almost all of them, but the Taiwanese worked to bring the pack back. 4 km from the finish, Scott Arlidge escaped, accompanied by Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate Team). Yann decided not to chase his teammate.
Scott won the sprint,  Severin arrived at the second place while Yann took the third place on the podium by winning the sprint of the pack. Scott used the new Powerslide Virus for the first time. It seems that the trials are successful!

Ladies: a slow, slow race

The women's race was won in 1:24! In other words, the girls went for a walk into town rather than a real race. The youngest Chinese who fought their national championship regularly took the lead. None of the favorites tried to escape. 800m before the finish line, the Taiwanese skaters took the leadership and launched the sprint.
Finally, He Zhen Yang and Ying Rong Guan took the 1st and 2nd places. the Chinese Guo Dan is 3rd.


Logo WIC 20111) Scott ARLIDGE (Powerslide Matter World, NZL) - 1:03:02.227
2) Severin WIDMER (Swiss-Skate-Team, SUI) - 1:03:02.737
3) Yann GUYADER (Powerslide Matter World, FRA) - 1:03:49.150


1) YANG He Zhen  (1:24:39.878, KOR) 
2) GUAN Ying Rong  (1:24:39.912, KOR) 
3) GUO Dan (1:24:39.917, CHN)

Picture: Powerslide

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