On 14 October 2011 at 08:10 | updated 14 October 2011 at 08:50

Skating of the Best by Fc Rider ! ( Sport Extreme freeride )

This is my last video I made with virtually all the best pictures that I have to shoot since I have a camera (6 years). Video I named simply and logic may be a bit pretentious "Skating of the Best"!

While I remain convinced that it is always possible to do better with a little more organization and additional resources ... but I do with what I have ... (A camera at € 300, € 18 for a monopod and my handle manufactured home)

In this video you will find mainly Springboard with some huge jumps, downhill (on road and track Bobsleigh), jump without step back, and some large slides and exclusive images of Buggy Rollin and the famous Sunday Session organized in the summer Place du Palais Royal in Paris.

You will also find in this video a few "big names" of the Roller in all disciplines, such as; Taig Kris, Romain Godenaire, Daniel Ladurner, Jon Christopher Camaron, Stephan Zuber and others who send Riders also very heavy ! As always, I hope that you will pleased the video more and add a little extra stone to the building for the development of Roller.

Fabien Caron

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