On 26 October 2011 at 08:10 | updated 26 October 2011 at 19:38

Alain Decayeux traveled across the Japanese "Alps"

Need to Escape? Alain Decayeux and his girlfriend traveled across the Japanese "Alps" last spring. Alain edited a nice video clip with some pictures. We discover picturesque landscapes and unknown aspects of Japan accompanied by pleasant music ... A delight to travel so!

Alain Decayeux

"We aim to travel through Japan by the mountains. A mix between roller-skating and trail! 530 km from Tokyo to Toyama, crossing the Japanese "Alps". The opportunity to visit Japan as also were not used to know."


Tokyo-Shibuya-Tama river-Hashimoto-Sagami Lake-Uenohara-Otsuki-Sasago Pass-Koshu-Kofu-Nirasaki-Fujimi-Nyukasayama-Takato-Ina-Gonbei Pass-Naraijuku-Torii Pass-Shibusawa-Norikura Heights-Shirahone Spa-Kamikochi-Hirayu-Tochio Spa-Hotaka Mountains-Oku Hida-Yamanomura-Kamioka-Nisehara-Toyama


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