On 22 November 2011 at 10:11 | updated 22 November 2011 at 10:49

CadoMotus to focus on young talented skaters

CadoMotus to focus on young talented skaters

In the 2012 skate season, CadoMotus will focus its sponsor budgets on the development of young talented skaters. At the same time, Bart and Maarten Swings and Ferre Spruyt leave the CadoMotus World Team.

The Belgian trio, chasing their Olympic dreams in ice long track skating at this moment, will skate for a German team in the new inline season. It is the end of a three year relationship between CadoMotus and the three youngsters, who took many, many victories in top class races, among which four World titles and over 15 European titles. With Bart Swings as the leader of the team, they have been nearly unbeatable in every race they attended.

“We regret the fact that the boys choose another direction, but we respect it and look back with proud. This has been a very succesful partnership, helping us increasing the brand awareness and the positioning as a high-end skate factory”, says Diederik Hol, founder of the Dutch based CadoMotus.

Bart Swings shares the good memories. “We have had three amazing years with many successes. The relationship we had with the people of CadoMotus has been very positive.”

It leads to CadoMotus’ new strategy on sponsorships. It will focus on supporting young, talented skaters. “We will continue a World class ladies team, because we have been very satisfied with the team in the past. In addition, we will build on partnerships with clubs and regional teams in Europe”, says Hol.
It fits in the idea CadoMotus has on the current European racing circuit. “The number of top skaters is small, so it is in sports interest we support the development of young talented skaters. We will search for the new Bart Swings.”

In 2012 CadoMotus will support at least 5 regional German teams, Dutch and Belgian junior teams and the French RPM Poli team.

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