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Powerslide World Team 2012

Powerslide World Team 2012

Powerslide has announced a part of his team for 2012 on his Facebook page . Not surprisingly, there are skaters from the 2011 team: first, the New Zealander Scott Arlidge, then the German Felix Rijhnen and last but not least, The French Ewen Fernandez, after his victory at Berlin Marathon in September ... No doubt we should see the arrival of Bart Swings, Maarten Swings and Ferre Spruyt in the upcoming days!

Scott Arlidge (New-Zealand

The backbone of the team. In his second year with Powerslide, Scott got 2 podiums at the World Championships, a World Cup Race Win and several race win during Europa Cup. Scott is also the 1000m world record holder.

Ewen Fernandez (France)

2011 was a breakout year for the young The Frenchman. Ewen has been involved with Powerslide since 2007, but 2011 was really when he stood up. He makes the big step  from the PS Europe Team, up to the World Team."2011 was a good year for me, because in addition to helping my teammates and a leader to pick up victories, I became French and European Champion and second in World Championships on the relay. But I won the most beautiful, the Berlin marathon after a long solo effort" Ewen Said.
Berlin was maybe a surprise for some people and probably nobody had a bigger surprise than Ewen himself. Ewen is the kind of guy who just gets stuck in, does hard work and does whatever he needs to do."
For 2012, I would like to win medals again or victories in the French, European and World Championships, to win a big race, to defend my win at the Berlin Marathon and especially to help the team to get great victories".Ewen is libing in Germany this winter to continue his ice-skating career. He's already got off to a flying start, after only 2 months he qualified for his first World Cup and finished 5th in B category.

Felix Rijhnen (Germany)

The German Barbarian, Felix was another skater who really stood up in 2011. He led the team with 3 German Inline Cup victories, plus the overall title. In the words of his Kiwi mate, Kalon Dobbin, "Never count out Felix", he is a guy who won't quit wether its going for the win himself orbuying himself for his team.

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