On 30 November 2011 at 21:11 | updated 30 November 2011 at 22:04

Bart Swings joins Powerslide Matter World Team

Bart Swings joins Powerslide Matter World Team

As we previously announced on rollerenligne.com, the Belgian Bart Swings joined the Powerslide Matter World Team

Powerslide Matter World team proudly presents : Bart "FLASH" Swings

Like his childhood hero, Bart likes going places, fast, very fast. He is young, he is focused, he is motivated, he is talented, and he commands a presence on the race track far beyond his years. In 2009, Bart was able to do what very few skaters have not; won a senior world title on his first attempt, in his first ever race at a senior World championships. Since then he has entered most races as the number one favourite, and he has not looked back. Fast forward a few years, three more world titles later, and he is one of the superstars of our sport. Powerslide and Matter are very proud to welcome Bart into their World team for 2012.

Why did you decide to join the Powerslide/Matter world team?

The powerslide company is in my opinion the biggest skating company in the world. And if you are supported by such a company as an athlete it can only be an advantage. So I am really excited to skate with PSgear and also to test, create and develop new gear. The other world team members are top level skaters too so you are surrounded by people who love the same thing, inline speed skating, and who want to do everything to be the best in skating!

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

The World Championships are the most important goal, I have my World title on the 10kmpoints elimenation to defend. But together with the PS team, every big race is a goal to win.

Why do you like Flash so much?

His SPEED, the reason why I like inline skating so much is flying trough the corners as fast asyou can and the excitement you get racing with a peloton at those high speeds. That is the same thing I like about Flash! And of course his strength, I want to put the same strength into my skating!

How do you feel about skating together with one of your fiercest formercompetitors: Scott Arlidge?

I am looking forward to it, Scott has always been kind of my competitor so skating together with him will be something new! Being former competitors we both know each other strengths and weaknesses, which can make us (and the other members of the world team) a really strong team! 

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