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Powerslide Women World Team 2012... the beginning

Powerslide Women World Team 2012... the beginning

With some big team announcements on the men’s side of Powerslide we definitely haven’t forgotten about the women. Soon all will berevealed, but in the mean time here is a short interview with Katharina Rumpus. “Kathi” by her own admission had a slow start to yearafter sickness wrecked her off season preparations, but as the season progressed, so did Kathi. A Junior European title, and a couple moremedals in Korea at the World Champs, and she is already focused on 2012.

Powerlisde took the time to catch up with her about this years highs and lows, wheels, and nail polish.

2011, how do you think it went? What was the best moment of the season, and what was the worst moment ofthe season?

My best moment of the season was the track elimination race at the European Championships in Heerde. I didn’t expect to win, so the first place was very surprising which made it very special for me! The worst moment of the season was the Kriterium in Groß-Gerau. I was out of shape at that moment, because I was sick for a long time before that race, so I wasn’t able to race as I used to.

In the 2010 World Championships you crossed the line in 2nd place in the junior ladies elimination. At the time you were already very happy, but it was later announced that you would be given the gold medal because ofcircumstances out of your control. How did that feel?

At first I didn’t know how to feel, because the moment when you cross the line first is for sure something special. It’s not the same getting the title half a year later, but now with some distance I’m proud and maybe when I get the gold medal, I’ll hang it around my neck and I hope that I’ll get a good feeling.

This season we’ve seen more inline skaters than ever trying ice skating. Have you had a chance to try ice?

Actually I was in Inzell one month ago... I think I’ll better stay on my inline skates ;-)

Your in a relationship with fellow PS skater Felix Rijhnen, do you train a lot together? Does he help you in your preparations or do you prefer to keep it separate?

Yes of course do we train together. But sometimes it’s quite difficult, because I don’t like training with people who are weaker than me :-) I prefer biking with my dad. Felix helps me a lot in my preparations, but when we are training or just before an important race, I prefer to be coached by my dad. I prefer to separate the sport and the relationship to stay more focused.

2012 is just around the corner. In one years time what would you like tohave accomplished?

2012 will be my last year in Junior. I will give the best all the time. I want to win every race with my teammates and for myself I hope to win a medal at the World Championships in Italy.

Now the bonus round of Kathi’s favourites...

Colour : Pink
Race: Kriterium Groß-Gerau
Music: depends on the situation : For relaxing I hear ADELE, for getting motivated for an important race I hear BUSHIDO and for partying I like Rihanna and Reggáeton
Wheels: Matter G13 F1
Track: Geisingen
Food: Dampfnudeln of my grandma and Hefezopf of my mother, you must taste both one day– no one can resist!
Nail polish: O.P.I.
Clothing brand (except PS of course): Aaaaaaaaaaaah …. Shoes of ZALANDO

Thanks Kathi, good luck with 2012, and we hope Felix doesn’t slow you down too much.
More exciting news from PS/Matter about our womens team very soon.

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