On 20 January 2012 at 18:01 | updated 20 January 2012 at 19:32

Powerslide "Vi-G13" men team 2012


A team was born. Powerslide and Matter present the Vi-G13 men’s racing team. Taking its name from Powerslide’s skate range and G13 race wheels. It is composed with Ferre Spruyt (BEL), Jore Van Den Berghe (BEL), Pascal Ramali (GER), Maarten Swings (BEL) and Etienne Ramali (GER).

Ferre Spruyt (BEL)

A new member of the PS family for 2012, Ferre has shown great support for his fellow team mates over the years, and for this coming season he will make the step up to a team leader. He’s been European champion and a medallist at the World Champs in 2011 so he is familiar about what it takes to step onto the podium. Ferre is also racing throughout the winter on ice at the World Cup events around the world.

Jore Van Den Berghe (BEL)

The loudest guy on the team, Jore split his 2011 between junior and senior racing with a view to aim for the top step of the podium at the junior world champs in Korea. Due to a rule change he wasn’t able to race junior so was up in the big boys. A top 10 in the 500m and a couple of bronze medals in the relaysproved that Jore was more than capable. Look out for him in the shorter events throughout 2012.

Pascal Ramali (GER)

After a years break from PS, Pascal is back in 2012. Another one of those guys who is always there for his team and will do almost anything in support of the other guys. He might not always be first across the line, but without guys like Pascal then teams won’t function.

Maarten Swings (BEL)

“Big Marty” again falls into the same category has his team mate Pascal where as he is without question one of the most loyal team mates in skating. He’s stood on the top step of the podium at the European Championships in the relay events.

Etienne Ramali (GER)

Etienne rounds out this team well, he’s a sprinter and will be looking to excel in the sprint events around Europe in 2012. Etienne was German Champion in the sprint events in 2011.

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