On 07 April 2012 at 14:03 | updated 07 April 2012 at 14:04

International Trophee of 3 Tracks: live broadcasting!

International Trophee of 3 Tracks: live broadcasting!

Unmediated Sports such as roller-skating have no choice but to take their destiny in hand and to try to get recognition on the Internet. Thus, the organization of the International Trophee of 3 Tracks (France) decided to launch a new live broadcasting by satellite!

This live broadcasting has a significant financial cost. It was decided following the many encouragements received the previous year. There were more than 40,000 connections from 41 countries during the 2011 edition.

The French Federation, the local league, the sponsors and the 3 clubs from Pibrac, Valence d'Agen and Gujan-Mestras has decided to gather the ressources to prepare this event:

  • 4 people of "Paris Web Cube" (Satellite, editing...)
  • 2 cameramen of Rollerenligne.com
  • A commentator of "Big Up Productions" (Reyda Messaoudi)
  • The communication staff of the French Federation

...it is not less than 9 people that will be mobilized for 3 days to make you enjoy the show! The Three tracks being a traveling event, you can just imagine the work of mounting and dismounting from site to site!

The live broadcast will be available on the French Federation Web Site in its "Roller TV" web page: www.ffroller.fr

Be ready for Saturday 7 april at 3PM ( GMT+1 ) !

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