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Rollerblade, our Company

Rollerblade unveiled an interesting video to explain its development and manufacturing process. This video presents the company through its key actors: "Rollerblade our company". We feel its promotional dimension to enhance the seriousness and professionalism of their approach, but this is still very informative ...


"At Rollerblade, we are dedicated to integrate our innovation into each part of our skates to maximize performance, support, stability, comfort and style of each skate model.
Making skates is all we do -- it's who we are --it's in our DNA.
We study style, color and trend and consider the specific use of each model; in every skate family we orchestrate 6 elements, each with its own size, material and design variable. We want our customers to enjoy the unique, and exciting experience of using Rollerblade inline skates. Our quality and fit will ensure that the experience at every skill level is a great one.
The Rollerblade testing facility is world class: more than 70 team members day by day develop, monitor, test and re-test the product.
We built these machines and processes engineered for the sole purpose of bringing the best of the unique inline skating experience to the customer.
In addition to our formal skate testing activities, we continuously collect input from all levels of skaters all over the world.
We stand behind our promise -- authentic products for a true experience. "

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