On 31 March 2012 at 15:03 | updated 31 March 2012 at 15:24

WSS - world ranking of March 2012

The world ranking of March 2012 just came out ! This month, a lot of changes happened in the world top 20.

Freestyle slalom

Thanks to his double victory in Moscow, Romain Lebois (Fra) wins 6 places to reach the world's 4th place, his best performance until now; he will need to fight even harder to reach Kim Sung Jin (Kor), still world N.1. Russians skaters R.Gordin and V.Meleshkevich did good also this month, since R.Gordin reaches the top 10, and V.Meleshkevich did the best entry in the top 20, by winning 11 places. Good performance also for I.Cheremetieff (Fra) who wins 5 places to reach rank 14.

In the women category, Su Fei Qian (CHn) is still leading the freestyle world ranking, the best "UP" (+6) this month is for D.Kuznetsova, who reaches the world's top 10 at the 7th place.


In speed slalom men category, S.Nai Oleari (Ita) reaches the world's 2nd place, just behind Yohan Fort (Fra), still world N.1. Jon Larrucea made the best entry in the top 20 by wining 10 places and reaching the world's rank 15. 

In speed slalom women category, the best "UP" is for K.Hartmanis (Pol) who reaches the world's 6th place. The Italians B.Bossi and C.Rotunno are still on the top.


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