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Swings and Baena get their first victory of the season in Berlin

Swings and Baena get their first victory of the season in Berlin

The Vattenfall Berlin Half Marathon took place this morning in the streets of the german capital. A live broadcasting was set up on the website of the German channel n-tv.de. It allowed us to have some pictures of the skaters, even if the runners' marathon has monopolized the antenna.

1224 men and 714 women skated in perfect conditions with a pleasant spring sunshine and a temperature of 8 degrees. The start line and the finish line were ont the Karl Marx Allee.

Men: Bart Swings escapes

The Belgian Bart Swings is now skating for Powerslide Matter. He took an early lead in this race and escaped soon. He chose a good pace and crossed the line 3 minutes ahead of his pursuers, an impressive performance after a winter season on the ice. It tells a lot about his shape!
The sprint of the pack was won by Yann Guyader (EOSkates) ahead of Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide). The Swiss Nicolas Iten and Severin Widmer (Rollerblade) finished off the podium.
The main teams are already at the forefront. Powerslide is well positioned with a strong leader (Bart Swings) and a strong teammate (Ewen Fernandez), three skaters in the top 10 for the German brand. EO Skates also has significant assets with four skaters in the top 10 and a charismatic leader (Yann Guyader). Rollerblade could also surprises us. The season promises to be lively! 

Cecilia Baena still in shape

Cecilia Baena (EOSkates) confirms she is in shape after a winter training in Colombia. She won the sprint. Sabine Berg (Powerslide) limited the damage for Powerslide by taking the second place. Behind her, Jana Gegner (EOSkates this year) came third and the young Paola Seranno (EO Skates) finished fourth.

Main results


1) Bart Swings (BEL) - Powerslide Matter World - 00:30:41
2) Yann Guyader (FRA) - EOSkates - 00:33:17
3) Ewen Fernandez (FRA) - Powerslide Matter World - 00:33:17
4) Severin Widmer (SUI) - Swiss Skate Team - 00:33:17
5) Nicolas Iten (SUI)- Swiss Skate Team - 00:33:21
6) Fabio Francolini (ITA) - EOSkates - 00:34:04
7) Elio Cuncu (ITA) - EOSkates - 00:34:06
8) Félix Rijhnen (GER) - Powerslide Matter World - 00:34:06
9) Victor Wilking (GER) - EOSkates - 00:34:06
10) Yves Reist (SUI) - GB Racingteam - 00:34:07


1) Baena-Guyader, Cecilia (COL) - EOSkates - 00:39:29
2) Berg, Sabine (GER) - Powerslide Matter World - 00:39:30
3) Gegner, Jana (GER) - EOSkates - 00:39:30
4) Seranno, Paola (GER) - EOSkates - 00:39:30
5) Rumpus, Katharina (GER) - Powerslide Matter World - 00:39:30
6) Ulbrich, Katja (GER) - GB Racingteam - 00:39:30
7) Strüver, Tina (GER) - GOLZE-Girls - 00:39:31
8) Agudelo, Luisa (COL) - Powerslide Matter World - 00:39:31
9) Schimek, Laethisia (GER) - Powerslide Matter World - 00:39:31
10) Heim, Flurina (SUI) - GB Racingteam - 00:39:32 

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