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3 Tracks 2012: first day halftone

3 Tracks 2012: first day halftone

The International Trophy of 3 Tracks 2012 started today in Pibrac, near Toulouse (31, France). This is a beautiful edition with more than 1050 skaters registered and no less than 150 Colombian skaters that came to participate, led by the famous Cecilia Baena and Yann Guyader.

The competition started on time. After an untimely power outage, the live broadcasting could start around 15h15 on the French Federation Web Site. The latter has not withstood the success of the live which exceeded 800 simultaneous connections while racing elite. A useful tip: if ever page of live has a problem, go directly to DailyMotion, you type "3 Tracks" in keywords or you go directly to the dedicated page on dailymotion to watch the live!

Most of categories ran their qualifications races and a few finals. The rain has invited around 18:00, forcing the skaters and the organization to stop the competition... But one noticed that the leaders of each team are already on the front.

In the women's race, Cecilia Baena (EO Skates) fought against a tough opponent of the Bont Team, Kelly Martinez, which has beat her in a beautiful hawk finish (picture above).

In men's race, the EOSkates team gradually gathered its men at the forefront, so much so Andres Munoz (Powerslide), failed to find a place in the pack and had a long ride outside!
The black and red (EOSkates) got in five units in the lead a few laps to go, they sent their leader, Yann Guyader, in orbit in the sprint.

Most of the finals were canceled but will be held tomorrow morning from 9:00 on the track of Valence d'Agen.

Results of the first day of competition at the 3 Tracks in Pibrac

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