On 08 April 2012 at 23:04 | updated 09 April 2012 at 09:29

3 Tracks: results of the second day of competition

3 Tracks: results of the second day of competition

After a few showers in the morning that canceled the races, the second half day of the three tracks was finally able to start around 14:00 with repechage races. This was followed by the elimination races in different categories ...

The level of skaters is really impressive this year, also thanks to the Colombian skaters, in both adults and youth categories who are really struggling on the track.
The senior ladies race of the day, an elimination race, was won by Cecilia Baena (EOSkates). She fought her main opponent, the Colombian Kelly Martinez (Bont), as usual! The referees needed the photo finish to decide between the two competitors who literally thrown on the line in an impression hawk finish. Both also falled a few meters after the line!
During this race, the first places were hotly contested, Cecilia Baena has also lost her teammate Paola Serrano during an elimination. She found herself alone on the final laps when she finally took the lead of the sprint, followed closely by Kelly Martinez determined to defend her 2011 title.
In men's race, the team EOSkates had much more difficulty than the previous day to lock up the front of the race. The black and red have had to deal with fierce opponents, more motivated than before. EO Skates took an early lead but eliminations combined with a few falls have depopulated the EO Skates team.
In the end, Yann Guyader and Fabio Francolini had to struggle with a strong Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide). The French skaters is missing some speed but with has a really nice and powerful technique. Yann Guyader also had to reckon with Brian Lepine (RPM Poli) who offered us a beautiful sprint. He manages to sneak into the final sprint against Yann Guyader (first) that won easily and Fabio Francolini (second). Note the beautiful place of Jorge Balanos (4th) for Bont Colombia. He fought hard throughout the race.

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