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Third stage of 2012 World Skate Cross Series in Beidaihe (China)

Third stage of 2012 World Skate Cross Series in Beidaihe (China)

The city of Beidaihe (China) hosted the third stage of Skate World Cross Series 2012, season 2. Riders came from all around the world (France, Russia, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, ... and of course China) to compete in a tournament full of surprises.

Presentation of the skate cross

The skate cross is an obstacle race divided in two parts. A qualifying phase where competitors have to realize the best time and a final phase where qualified skaters have to get the first or second place in their groups to reach the final.

Summary of the competition

More than sixty skaters from all walks of roller-skating (Street-skating, Slalom, Freeride, Downhill) were on the start line.
The Beidaihe Olympic Park was transformed for the occasion in a skatecross circuit for the second consecutive year. A long race, with impressive technical and ramps, hairpin turns, chicanes ...
A large and very excited audience attended the various races around the circuit.

In the men's race, the victory was at no time a foregone conclusion, the top 8 qualifying holding in less than two seconds. The level is high with famous skaters was present, including the top ten riders. The winner of this stage, the Australian CJ Wellsmore is a street skater. He led the race from start to finish, setting the best time in qualifying and winning all his races. The French Anthony Finocchiaro is second, followed by Russian Ilya Sukhenko which takes the third place. Rhe second French qualified for the final, Nicolas Colliaux was victim of a fall and finished at the fourth place.

In the women's race, the Chinese Cai Ran won the final, Xiao Chong is second and Xing Yajiao third.

The next stage will be held on May 5 and 6 in Roma, Italy.

Men ranking

1) Wellsmore CJ (AUS)
2) Finocchiaro Anthony (FRA)
3) Sukhenko Ilya (RUS)
4) Colliaux Nicolas (FRA)
5) De Masi Niccolo (ITA)
6) Zhang Xiao yu (CHN)
7) Montavon Christian (SUI)
8) Yost Shane (AUS)
9) Wang Wei jie (TPE)
10) Huang Ming song (TPE)

Women ranking

1) Cai Ran (CHN)
2) Xiao Chong (CHN)
3) Xing Ya jiao (CHN)
4) Yang Yao zhen (TPE)
5) Gao Xue (CHN)

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Video of the previous events : www.skatecross.net/videos

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