On 09 May 2012 at 11:05 | updated 09 May 2012 at 11:32

Hyde Park Battle results (Great-Britain)

The Hyde Park Battle took place last week-end in London (Great-Britain). J.B. Milleret won the Battle Men competition, Natalie Ujuk took the first place in the Battle Women and Jacob Carias won the Speed Mixed.

The results of Hyde Park Battle are online here

Final Ranking Battle Men

1) JB Milleret (GBR)
2) Jacob Carias (GBR)
3) Issy Rahim (GBR)
4) Marc Bullock (GBR)
5) Gary Mclaughlin (GBR)
6) Dara Cazamea (FRA)
7) Tyler Ashour-White (GBR)

Final Ranking Battle Women

1) Natalie Ujuk (AUS)
2) Zoë Brealey (GBR)
3) Stavria Achilleos (Cyprus)
4) Kris Millwood (GBR)

Final Ranking Speed Mixed

1) Jacob Carias (GBR)
2) JB Milleret (GBR)
3) Natalie Ujuk (F) (AUS)
4) Kris Millwood (F) (GBR)
5) Douglas Kennth Rigsbie (GBR)
5) Gary Mclaughlin (GBR) 

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