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WIC: Guyader won the race of Incheon (South Korea)

WIC: Guyader won the race of Incheon (South Korea)

A stage of the World Inline Cup took place in Incheon (South Korea) last week-end. Incheon is one of the most importance races of the season: More than 3000 pro and fitness skaters participated in this race under a 30°C temperature.

Teams and countries

Many countries were represented: South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, New-Zealand, Spain, Brazil, Iran.The course is identical to previous years: two laps of 19 km on a round-trip circuit.

Summary of the men's race

The first 10 kilometers are a cracking pace. A big fall happens after 7 km. After 15 km, Yann Guyader (EO Skates) escapes. Bart Swings and another Korean skater rolling under the colors of Powerslide counter attacks and join Yann Guyader at the 18th kilometer.Three kilometers further, a group of eight skaters comes back on three escaped skaters. It consists of Nam You Yon and Willy Lo, several times world champion and some other skaters.During the second lap, Yann Guyader tries to leave by three times without success.
The rest of the race will be calm.
In the final sprint, Willy Lo (X-Tech) launches the sprint at 800m from the finish line. He takes a small advantagebut Bart returns to 600 m. Yann Guyader passes Bart at 400 m and takes the first place with 5m ahead of him. 

Men's podium

1) Yann Guyader - FRA - EOSkates IDEEprint
2) Bart Swings - BEL - Powerslide Matter World
3) Yoo Jong Nam - KOR - X-Tech/MPC Korea Team 

Women's podium

1) Mi-Young Kim (South Korea)
2) Yu Ting Huang (Taiwan)
3) Suji Jang (South Korea) 

Thanks to Cecilia Baena and Yann Guyader

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