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Results of the PSWC 2012 (France)

Results of the PSWC 2012 (France)

The Paris Slalom World Cup was held the last weekend at the Trocadero in Paris (France). Despite strong performances of Korean skaters, the French Roman Lebois finally won the battle man. In the women's category, Polina Semenova won the competition of battle. Yohan Fort is still the fastest speed-slalomer, he took the first place again. In the women's category, the Italian Barbara Bossi is first.

Results PSWC 2012 (Fra)

  • Battle Men : Romain Lebois (Fra)
  • Battle Women : Polina Semenova (Rus)
  • Speed Men : Yohan Fort (Fra)
  • Speed Women : Barbara Bossi (Ita)
  • Classic Men : Kim Sung Jin (Kor)
  • Classic Women : Daria Kuznetsova (Rus)
  • Freestyle Slides Men : Kirill Ryazantsev (Rus)
  • Freestyle Slides Women : Olga Fokina (Rus)

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