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Buggy Rollin flirts with records

Buggy Rollin flirts with records

Jean-Yves Blondeau, aka "Buggy Rollin" decided to take on his own downhill speed records. Yesterday, he tore down the downhills near Lons-le-Saunier (Jura Mountains, France) at top speed, reaching 116 kph…

The story of the attempts at record breaking by Buggy Rollin'

"I tried to break my speed record today at Lons-le-Saunier (39) on the Montaigu road. I did 106 kph then 111 kph. I changed helmets and plastrons and I started from the highest point. The helmet is less profiled and smaller but it holds the head better…

Oops! I did not think that the night was going to fall… The helmet has a tinted visor! I had waited for twilight to avoid cars… indeed there is really less traffic. It is even darker. It is hard for me to find my bearings. I go along the white line in the middle of the road, just a few centimeters next to my left shoulder.

I pass my starting point at 50 kph at least. The downhill is very stable with the golden chest because it has 180 trucks on it. The chest is tighter and the driving is then more precise.

First bump on the road, it is now a 13% gradient, it gets faster… it is scaring… POK! Did something touch my wheels? What was it? A pebble? A branch? I did not see it coming… Yet everything seems stable… Despite that frightening speed which keeps on increasing… Will I be able to brake down the hill? Will the change of position from speed pursuit to braking be stable? Will the wheel-set react well?

Oh! There is a cat on the side hesitating to cross! What if I hit it with my head… or with an arm? It finally turns back  and I avoid it with a bend.

Second bump on the road. It is very impressive, and you wonder if it is going to end well. And then the end is getting closer and you have to resist the urge of braking as it is the fastest part. You have to trust in your training and in your tracking: you do have time to brake. The problem is that you cannot see the braking zone, hidden behind security walls… and in the end, there is a roundabout.

Holding on. Keeping the position. Delaying the opening. Staying calm. Managing the weight bearings… Alright, let's open. I open the arms… everything goes well. Let's test the grip of the wheels for braking, a few vibrations say that the wheels will grip.

Braking. It is over. I put myself on the side, go to the car park and look at my GPS, panting: 116 kph, that is the previous record.

If the conditions are good, I try again tomorrow. 117? Maybe… it is not going to be easy! I don't know what to improve… One more little kilometer!"

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