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Descent of Alpe d'Huez by Fabien Caron

Fabien Caron presents two new versions (one long and one short) of the famous descent of Alpe d'Huez directed in 2006. You will find some new pictures that had not been exploited at the time and a little "Making Of" at the end of the long version.


Below you will find the text he had written at that time except that this one was also brought up to day.

Fabien Caron

In making this second video, after my first test with "Extreme Freeride.1" in 2002,  one of my goals is to try to break the ridiculous image concerning the roller-skating by the general public and even some skaters themselves, who strive for the development of standard image  of the skater-clad protections ... Instead, I think, to show skaters skating with ease and facility in all conditions! ... With or without protective gear.

My personal opinion on the wearing of protection is that it must be an individual choice based on their own feelings and personal needs and not by obligation or "collective conditioning" or even to give a sanitized picture of roller-skating. Because know-how to roller-skating means also know-how for falling!  A word to the wise is enough. Have you ever noticed that those who hurt the most aren't those who go quickest or send the biggest figures? I personally wonder if the standard image (of the skater-clad protective gear)  is a good example ... ? Let me explain, because I wonder if this can not mean too, unconsciously to non-practicing as inline skating is a sport of high dangerousness, rather than send a picture of ease and comfort? ...

Otherwise for going to the topic, through this video and the next to come I wish also demonstrate that the roller is not just a hobby, very "in" and "fun" with skaters  barely  able  to skate and clad in protections. Roller skating is a top level sport and extreme sport, among the world's most spectacular and can be controled easily.

 One of my wishes is to put forward, trying to transmit all its splendor and incredible sensations inherent in scenes filmed.I would also showed its multiple possibilities almost unexploited until now, despite a huge potential! This is to allow the roller-skating to be used for its real value in film, television or other visual medium.

This video and future ones are intend to contribute to changing the most conservative and  also the most modern and unfamiliar people with the roller-skating by showing them that if we can push the limits of a skater as far.This can be done by clinging to a vehicle over 200 km / h, or get out a car or motorcycle at speeds exceeding 100 km / h as well as taking any mountain road much faster than most motorized or not, etc.

I hope this will finally make it clear that roller skating is a sport and a hobby which is control and this may contribute to an understanding that the skater can move easily, safely, on sidewalks and pavement in urban or rural as well as cycling...We can put forward the fact that the roller-skating is much more mobile, responsive and less cumbersome than any means of transport. Not to mention the fact that it offers the greatest visibility of traffic in urban areas compared to any other means of transport.

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