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Flanders Grand Prix 2012: list of registered skaters

Flanders Grand Prix 2012: list of registered skaters

The Flanders Grand Prix 2012 will be held from 10 to 12 August. Many high-level skaters will travel to Oostende to compete on the brand new inline speed-skating track, recently renovated for the 2013 World Championships. Among them, there are no fewer than 47 medals at the last European Championships!

Men's teams

Among the big teams, there are obviously Powerslide Matter World Team with Scott Arlidge, Bart Swings, Kalon Dobbin, Ewen Fernandez, Felix Rijhnen.
It will be strengthened by the second team of the German brand, the G13 VI Team where we find Etienne Pascal and Ramali, Ferre Spruyt, Maarten Swings.
Some personalities may create surprises as Martyn Dias (Roller Lagos) or Mathias Schwierz (Bont Arena Geisingen) and many more ...

Women's competitors

Many skaters who participated in the 2012 European Inline Speed-Skating Championships in Szeged (Hungary) will be there to improve their physical condition: Nele Armee (Belgium), Nathalie Audoire Barbotin (Ligne Droite / Powerslide), Sabine Berg (Powerslide Matter World), the Gaudesaboos sisters (ITB Brugge), Justine and Clemence Halbout (2 AFN Avon 77), Jana Gegner (EO Skates), Flurina Heim (GB Racing Team), the formidable Italian Francesca Lollobrigida (Alessi World Team), Mareike Thum (German national Team)...

You can download the list of registered skaters here

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