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Flanders Grand Prix 2012: road races - senior results

Flanders Grand Prix 2012: road races - senior results

The morning of Sunday, August 12, 2012 was devoted to road races in the 2012 Flanders Grand Prix (Belgium). The senior categories competed in 16km for women and 30km for men before returning to the track in the afternoon ...

30 km senior men

After only two laps, Bart Swings escaped for  Powerslide Matter World. He manages to take over a minute ahead of the pack. Behind, Arians Crispijn (Skov Heerde) counter-attacks followed by Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide Matter World) in his wheel. Final ranking: 1st Bart Swings, 2nd Ewen Fernandez, 3rd Ariens Crispijn.

16 km senior women

Only 16 km to go for the ladies on the road. Justine Halbout (Team France) confirms her excellent shape by winning the sprint. The German Sabine Berg (Powerslide Matter World) is second and her team mate Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter World).

16km road race - senior women

1) Justine Halbout - French National Team
2) Sabine Berg - Powerslide Matter World
3) Katharina Rumpus - Powerslide Matter World
4) Juliette Pouydebat - EO Skates
5) Deborah Marchand - French National Team
6) Sandrine Tas - ZRC Zandvoorde
7) Tina Struever - German National Team
8) Josie Hofmann - German National Team
9) Manon Kamminga - Team Sprog
10) Irène Schouten - Radboud

30km road race - senior men

1) Bart Swings - Powerslide World Team
2) Ewen Fernandez - Powerslide World Team
3) Ariens Crispijn - Skov Heerde
4) Nolan Beddiaf - RPM Poli Cadomotus
5) Ferre Spruyt - Vi G13 Team
6) Maarten Swings - Vi G13 Team
7) Felix Rijhnen - Powerslide World Team
8) Elton De Souza - RPM Poli Cadomotus
9) Diogo Marreiros - Roller Lagos
10) Martyn Dias - Roller Lagos 

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