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Back on the Berlin X-Race, 4th stage of the German Inline Cup 2012

Back on the Berlin X-Race, 4th stage of the German Inline Cup 2012

The 4th stage of the German Inline Cup 2012 was held in Berlin on 19 August. 712 skaters participated in the la Berlin X-Race, a half-marathon accross the large streets of the German capital between the Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column.

Men's race: Bart Swings stands head and shoulders above his rivals

The men's race was won by Bart Swings (Powerslide Matter) after a long solo breakaway. The Belgian skater escapes after a few kilometers. He quickly took about thirty seconds and he manages to maintain the gap until the finish. He wins the race and breaks the record in 31 minutes!

The course between 2 roundabouts allowed Bart to always have an eye on his competitors.The French Yann Guyader (EO Skates) took the second place in the sprint ahead of Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide Matter).

Women's race, Sabine Berg consolidated his lead

Golze Team took the lead early in the race with Tina Strüver and Claudia Maria Henneken. Powerslide Matter and EO Skates team came ahead and sped up the pace.
Despite a few espaces, the race ended in a massive sprint. The German Sabine Berg (Powerslide Matter), won ahead of her teammate Katharina Rumpus and junior Josie Hofmann (Powerslide / Arena Geisingen Junior).

In the women's race, we admired the impressive stunt of Katja Ulbrich who almost falled while she was leading the pack. She finally managed to keep skating by rolling backward! You can see video of skate-tv.de on facebook.

GIC 2012 general ranking

In the overall ranking of the German Inline Cup, Yann Guyader (EO Skates) is still leading, such as Sabine Berg (Powerslide Matter), who consolidated his lead in Berlin.

Main results

Men's ranking

German Inline Cup 20121) Bart Swings (Powerslide Matter World)
2) Yann Guyader (EO Skates)
3) Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide Matter World)
4) Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate Team)
5) Felix Rijhnen (Powerslide Matter World)
6) Nicolas Iten (Swiss Skate Team)
7) Elio Cunco (EO Skates)
8) Maarten Swings (Vi G13)
9) Julien Levrard (EO Skates)
10) Stefan Rumpus (GB Racing Team) 

Women's ranking

1) Sabine Berg (Powerslide Matter World)
2) Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter World)
3) Josie Hofmann ((Powerslide Arena Geisingen Junior)
4) Katja Ulbrich (GB Racing Team)
5) Jana Gegner (EO Skates)
6) Tina Strüver (Golze-Girls)
7) Carolin Zielke (GB Racing Team)
8) Claudia Maria Henneken (Golze-Girls)
9) Deborah Keel (GB Racing Team)
10) Flurina Heim (GB Racing Team) 

You can find the complete results of the Berlin X-race on the official web site of the event

Photo: german-inline-cup.de

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