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Colombian selection is ready for the 2012 Inline Speed-Skating World Championships in Italy

Colombian selection is ready for the 2012 Inline Speed-Skating World Championships in Italy

The selective tournament for the Inline Speed-Skating World Championships in Italy was really exciting in Colombia with a high technical level. 24 competitors will defend the World Titles in early September 2012 ...

The sprint races were the most exciting with real duels where all competitors would have deserved to be selected.

In Junior Ladies category, Anghie Pérez (Bolívar) supported by the crowd, has managed to qualify. She beat Hellen Montoya (Cali) in the last meters of the race.
She will go in Italy with Jessenia Escobar y Magda Garcés (valle del Cauca).

Junior Men: three titans competed on the track for one place: Bolívar Cristian Torres, Andrés Jiménez and Cauca Andrés Campo... and the winner is "El Mono" Jiménez, a skater from Cartagena, the surprise of this selective tournament.

Senior Men: three aspirants with a big heart: John Steven Martinez de Barranquilla, Pedro Causil (Antioquia) and Andrés Agudelo (Bogota).Despite his muscle injury, Pedro Causil has demonstrated his desire to represent Colombia in the last 500 meters, ending at a very high pace, followed by Martínez (Santander), which completes the team alongside Andrés Felipe Muñoz.

Nicolas Zamudio will participate in long distance races with Óscar Cobo and Carlos Pérez (Cali).

Junior ladies

  • Yesenia Escobar (sprint)
  • Magda Garcés (sprint)
  • Stephania Hurtado (sprint)
  • Anghi Perez (long distance)
  • Natalia Giralgo (long distance)
  • Fabriana Arias (long distance)

Photo de la sélection colombienne pour le championnat du monde roller course 2012 en Italie

Junior men

  • Juan Camilo Pérez (sprint)
  • Andrés Jimenez (sprint).
  • Andrés Felipe Campos (sprint)
  • Boris Peña (long distance)
  • Manuel Saavedra (long distance)
  • Aaron Molina (long distance)

Senior ladies

  • Paola Segura (sprint)
  • Elizabeth Amedo (sprint)
  • Cecilia Baena Guyader (sprint)
  • Kelly Martínez (long distance)
  • Luisa Agudelo (long distance)
  • Carolina Upegui (long distance)

Senior men

  • Pedro Causil (sprint)
  • Andrés Felipe Muñoz (sprint)
  • Jhon Steven Martinez (sprint)
  • Nicolas Zamudio (long distance)
  • Oscar Cobo (long distance)
  • Carlos Esteban Pérez (long distance)

Photos: courtesy of the Colombian Federation


The Colombian Selection amputated on two skaters for doping

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