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The Colombian Selection amputated on two skaters for doping

The Colombian Selection amputated on two skaters for doping

The Colombian Team, composed with 22 skaters, arrived Thursday at the site of the 2012 World Inline Speed Skating World Championships in Italy to defend its title. Anhlli Pérez and Jenny Paola Serrano were not among the skaters.

This information was confirmed after the TAD ("Tribunal Arbitramento del Deporte", the Court of Arbitration for Sport) has ratified the sanction for skaters Anhlli Pérez (Bolívar) and Jenny Paola Serrano (Bogotá). Both were controlled positive during a doping control conducted in 2011.

"We saw it coming, although from our point of view, the application of sanctions in the present terms is a violation of our constitution. Nevertheless, the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) is an international organization and Colombia ratified the code through an international treaty, " assured Jorge Carrasco Mantilla, Chairman of the discipline Committee of the Colombian Federation of skating.

Mantilla explained that after these skaters have been sanctioned for doping in March 2011 WADA asked the TAD "to check whether the application of the penalty was properly applied and whether it was in line with the World Anti-Doping Code."

"After review, the official said, the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld the decision and ordered the inability of athletes to participate in a skating competition until 11 March 2013."

"This incapacity means they can not participate in a global competition or any national or international event to date. The notification was received on Thursday and the selection made the trip without the two punished skaters " said Mantilla. He explained that due to lack of time and preparation, Serrano and Pérez were not replaced.

According to the official of the Federation of Skating, the selection will compete with only with 22 athletes at 2012 Inline Speed-Skating World Championship (track and road) that will take place in Italy from September 6 to 15..

Source: El Pais

Photo: Alirio Fonseca Alvarez (Webmaster of Colombian Federation of Skating and colpressphoto photographer)

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