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Greg & Ben in USA - Las Vegas

Greg & Ben in USA - Las Vegas

Last stage of this USA road trip with Benjamin Brillante and Greg Mirzoyan (Team Rollerblade). Vegas (Nevada, USA) as a final destination to skate spots of this amazing city and more...

Las Vegas by Greg

"Our time in Vegas was very shot as we only had 2 days to shoot but the difference with the other cities was obviously the heat! It was so hot that we sometimes had to just stop and go indoor for a while to cool down.
Also we have been driving away from the center to look for uncommon spots but we didn't find much, we did enjoy skating the strip though and didn't get any trouble for this thankfully!
We had our last meal on the second day at the 'Paris hotel' to remind us of France and took the first flight home the next morning.
Our trip on skates in the USA was a great time, Ben and I had a lot of fun and would definitely experience another part of the states on skates with great pleasure and of course other countries too! - América Latina, ¿por qué no? jajajaja!
See you soon,

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