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Results of the Transroller 2012 (France)

Results of the Transroller 2012 (France)

The 2012 Roller Marathon French Cup has restarted on September 9 with the 12th edition of the Transroller, a 34km (uphill) race from From Pontarlier to Mouthe (Doubs, France). After a tough fight against his opponents, the Swiss Skate Team managed to make the difference in the last kilometers. Its leader Nicolas Iten won the race ahead of the French Yann Guyader (EO Skates). The Belgian Jessica Gaudesaboos (EO Skates) won the sprint of the women's race.

Women's ranking

1) Jessica Gaudesaboos (EOSkates)
2) Margaux Vigié (Pôle France)
3) Laetitia LeBihan (RPM Poli)
4) Mélanie Rothlisberger (Swiss Skate Team)
5) Anne-Sophie Petitprez (F2P Compex)
6) Charlotte Laurent (Boissey RS)
7) Karine Malle-Urvoy (NC)
8) Zoé Rémy (AM Sports)
9) Lyse-Anne Planchenault (CPR Château-Gontier)
10) Céline Cognard (Générations Roller) 

Men's ranking

1) Nicols Iten (Swiss Skate Team)
2) Yann Guyader (EO Skates)
3) Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate Team) 
4) Michael Achermann (Swiss Skate Team)  
5) Julien Levrard (EO Skates)
6) Guillaume de Mallevoue (NC)
7) Yannick Friedli (Swiss Skate Team) 
8) Janick Schalch (Swiss Skate Team)
9) Fabian Gyr (Swiss Skate Team) 
10) Vincent Esnault (F2P Compex) 

Complete results on the web site of the Roller Marathon French Cup

Photo : Andrée Chevrier Pilloud 

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