On 11 September 2012 at 08:09 | updated 12 September 2012 at 14:16

Senior Men European Championships: No crisis for South Europe

Senior Men European Championships: No crisis for South Europe

With a 7-3 victory against France, Portugal makes its intentions known as for these 50th European Championships of rink-hockey.

Despite 3 goals from the French (two by Cirolo Cargia and one by Anthony Weber), that sports correction clearly shows that Portugal is aiming at the first place, especially after the humiliation they suffered from against Spain during the last championships (8-2 for Spain).

The latter wins 7-0 against Germany on the first day, and 2-0 against Italy who makes a strong comeback on these Championships.

Let's note: As often, the Swiss created the "Helvetian syndrome". The Swiss Team is going to become the pet hate of the teams who have to confront them for their first games. Indeed, the Lusitanian powerful engine only wins 3-1. Let's remember that during the last championships, France had also failed its start into the competition in losing 8-0 against their cross-border cousins. The Swiss team is full of resources!

Given the small number of registered teams for the championships, the heavy defeat of the French team compromises its ranking in the European Top-3, all the more so as Italy (9-0 win against England and 2-0 defeat against Spain) and Germany (7-0 defeat against Spain and 6-1 win against England) are going to disrupt the final ranking.

The next two games are going to be very important for the French team, who is meeting Switzerland tonight and Spain tomorrow. If a victory against Spain seems delusional, they should imperatively win against the Swiss in order to have the chance to end up in the top 4. 

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