On 15 September 2012 at 18:03 | updated 24 July 2013 at 18:23

World Championships 2012: Results of 5000m relays Senior Women

Despite of the rain, the sixth and penultimate day of the 2012 Inline Speed Skating World Championships in San Benedetto del Tronto, has witnessed the 500m sprint and relay races. Here are the results of the 5000 m relays Senior Women ...



01Manon KammingaNED
 Elma de VriesNED
 Irene SchoutenNED
02Giulia BongiornoITA
 Erika ZanettiITA
 Francesca LollobrigidaITA
03Meng Chu LiTPE
 Ho Chen YangTPE
 Fu Jen LiuTPE
04Elizabeth ArnedoCOL
 Cecila BaenaCOL
 Kelly MartinezCOL
05Sabine BergGER
 Jana GegnerGER
 Mareike ThumGER
06Yi Seul AnKOR
 So Yeong ShinKOR
 Hyo Sook WooKOR
07Nathalie BarbotinFRA
 Justine HalboutFRA
 Clemence HalboutFRA
07Pamela VerdugoCHL
 Viviana RodríguezCHL
 María José MoyaCHL
09Melisa BonetARG
 Mayra AriasARG
 Victoria Rodríguez LópezARG
09Misha AverillUSA
 Ananda JolliffUSA
 Erin JacksonUSA

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