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Fernandez and Berg, winner of Berlin Roller Marathon 2012

Fernandez and Berg, winner of Berlin Roller Marathon 2012

A lot of skaters in Europe and all around the world were waiting for Berlin Roller Marathon! With more than 6500 skaters, the German race remains the most impressive marathon in the world. The French Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide Matter) won ahead of his teammate Bart Swings on a breakaway. He achieves a time of 1:00:04 and breaks the record of the race.

Ewen Fernandez managed to escape. Bart Swings joined him. The rest of the Powerslide armada blocked the pack. The German Félix Rijhnen (Powerslide Matter) won the sprint of the pack ahead of Peter Michael (X-Tech)

Three German ladies won the women's marathon: Sabine Berg (Powerslide Matter) ahead of Jana Gegner (EOSkates) and Katja Ulbrich (GB Racing Team).

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Men's ranking

Pos.Nom PaysEquipeTemps
1)Fernandez, Ewen(FRA)Powerslide/Matter World01:00:04
2)Swings, Bart(BEL)Powerslide/Matter World01:00:04
3)Rijhnen, Felix(GER)Powerslide/Matter World01:02:48
4)Michael, Peter(NZL)X-TECH MPC International01:02:48
5)Cassioli, Lorenzo(ITA)Alessi World Team01:02:48
6)Ramali, Etienne(GER)Vi-G1301:02:48
7)Spruyt, Ferre(BEL)Vi-G1301:02:48
8)Galliazzo, Stefano(ITA)Alessi World Team01:02:48
9)Ramali, Pascal(GER)Vi-G1301:02:48
10)Widmer, Severin(SUI)Swiss Skate Team01:02:48

Women's ranking

Pos.Nom PaysEquipeTemps
1)Berg, Sabine(GER)Powerslide/Matter World01:14:13
2)Gegner, Jana(GER)EOSkates01:14:13
3)Ulbrich, Katja(GER)GB Racingteam01:14:13
4)D'Annibale, Sofia(ITA)Team A BONT Italy Rivier01:14:13
5)Strüver, Tina(GER)GOLZE-Girls01:14:14
6)Lollobrigida, Giulia(ITA)Alessi World Team01:14:14
7)Zielke, Carolin(GER)TSuGV Großbettingen / GB01:14:14
8)Peißker, Jenny(GER)RSV Gera01:14:14
9)D'Annibale, Maria(ITA)Team A BONT Italy Rivier01:14:14
10)Schimek, Laethisia(GER)Powerslide/Matter World01:14:14

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