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Results of Cologne Inline Marathon 2012

Results of Cologne Inline Marathon 2012

On October 14, the city of Cologne (Germany) hosted the final of the German Inline Cup. The 1800 skaters visited Cologne through a 42,195 km course across the street, with a large audience.
After a few rain on Saturday, a slightly hazy sun and cool temperatures arrived on Sunday morning.
In men's race, the Swiss Michael Achermann (Swiss Skate Team) managed to escape alone at 25 km to go, leaving the pack fighting for the remaining places on the podium.
In the women's race, despite several attacks, no skater managed to escape. The German Katja Ulbrich (GB Racing Team) made ​​the difference in the final sprint.

German Inline Cup 2012: final ranking

The German Inline Cup ended in Cologne, the French Yann Guyader (Team EOSkates) managed to keep his first place ahead of Severin Widmer (Swiss Skate Team).  Yann won German Inline Cup / Roller Marathon French Cup and also World Inline Cup in a row!
The Swiss Skate Team won the team's ranking in extremis ahead of EOSkates for only 11 points! The last race was decisive!
The GB Racing Team won the women's Team ranking.

Men's ranling - Cologne Inline Marathon 2012

1)Achermann, MichaelSUISwiss Skate Team01:06:59
2)Rijhnen, FelixGERPowerslide Matter World01:07:53
3)Guyader, YannFRAEOSkates01:07:53
4)Fernandez, EwenFRAPowerslide Matter World01:07:53
5)Widmer, SeverinSUISwiss Skate Team01:07:54
6)Reist, YvesSUIGB Racingteam01:07:54
7)Beddiaf, NolanFRARPM POLI01:07:54
8)De Souza, EltonFRARPM POLI01:07:54
9)Cuncu, ElioITAEOSkates01:07:54
10)Rumpus, StefanGERGB Racingteam01:07:54
11)Iten, NicolasSUISwiss Skate Team01:07:55
12)Hecht, TobiasGERPowerslide Junior01:08:00
13)Meulders, WouterBELCHAUVIN ARNOUX01:08:00
14)Levrard, JulienFRAEOSkates01:08:02
15)Cuncu, GiacomoITAEOSkates01:08:09
16)Sibiet, TimBELCHAUVIN ARNOUX01:08:36
17)Ramali, PascalGERVi-G1301:08:36
18)Forstner, PhilippGERCadoMotus-Orthomol01:08:36
19)Friedli, YannickSUISwiss Skate Team01:12:10
20)Berghe, JoreBELVi-G1301:13:00

Women's ranling - Cologne Inline Marathon 2012

1)Ulbrich, KatjaGERGB Racingteam01:19:56
2)Berg, SabineGERPowerslide Matter World01:19:56
3)Halbout, JustineFRA2APN AVON01:19:56
4)Rumpus, KatharinaGERPowerslide Matter World01:19:56
5)Gegner, JanaGEREOSkates01:19:56
6)Hofmann, JosieGERPowerslide Junior01:19:56
7)Zielke, CarolinGERGB Racingteam01:20:00
8)Henneken, Claudia MariaGERGOLZE-Girls01:20:00
9)Casu, RobertaITAEOSkates01:20:01
10)Gaudesaboos, JessicaBELBrugge01:20:01
11)Le Bihan, LaetitiaFRARPM POLI01:20:03
12)Heim, FlurinaSUIGB Racingteam01:20:03
13)Rossow, SabrinaGERGOLZE-Girls01:20:04
14)Röthlisberger, MélanieSUISwiss Skate Team01:20:17
15)Ordowski, SylviaGERTeam der-rollenshop01:23:28
16)Matczak, BarbaraPOL4SKATING.pl / BONT01:23:28
17)Röhr, SilkeGERTeam der-rollenshop01:23:28
18)Dinort, SandyGERK2 Team01:23:28
19)Papenfuß, VerenaGERCadoMotus Team NRW01:23:34
20)Carstensen, MariaDENSk8skool01:28:52

L'ensemble des résultats est disponible sur Le site de l'organisation

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