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Results of the 6th stage of the 'WSX' World Skate Cross Series in Moscow (Russia)

Results of the 6th stage of the 'WSX' World Skate Cross Series in Moscow (Russia)

The 6th stage of the 'WSX' World Skate Cross Series was held in Moscow (Russia) on September 2012, 15th.

Men's race

The local skater Ilya Sukhenko (Russia) got another victory in Moscow. After performing the best time in qualifications, he managed to enter the final and crossed the finish line in first position, ahead of Flavien Du Peloux (France) and Maxim Anin (Russia).
This year the level was very high and the races very tough. A lot of impressive crashes changed the expected results.
With this victory, Ilya Sukhenko takes the lead of the World ranking. He might win 2012 World Series.

Women's race

Marjorie Phlippoteau (France) leader of the world ranking, was the favorite again for this race. The surprise came in the qualifications when the local skater Irina Davydova (Russia) crossed the finish line with the best time.
During the group's runs, Irina Davydova made it all the way to the final, despite of a fall in the quarter finals. She also took the first place after a race which she controlled perfectly from the beginning to the end. Alexandra Sukhareva (Russia) was second and Marjorie Phlippoteau finished third.

Main results

Men's ranking

1)Sukhenko IlyaRUS
2)Du Peloux FlavienFRA
3)Anin MaximRUS
4)Lelievre PierreFRA
5)Quintin KevinFRA
6)Finocchiaro AnthonyFRA
7)Mikhalitsyn GrigoryRUS
8)Wellsmore CJAUS
9)Blagushin AndrewUKR
10)Kudrevatykh AlexandrRUS
11)Colliaux NicolasFRA
12)Sukharev MikhailRUS
13)Fort YohanFRA
14)Quinger FalcoGER
15)Zhigalov AlexeiRUS
16)Moshak KostyaUKR
17)De Masi NiccolòITA
18)Bogrec RomanRUS
19)Borovskiy AndriyUKR
20)Auerswald PhilippGER

Download the complete results in pdf format here

Women's ranking

1)Davydova IrinaRUS
2)Sukhareva AlexandraRUS
3)Phlippoteau MarjorieFRA
4)Vasilyeva AnnaRUS
5)Mitrofanova AnnaRUS
6)Derisbourg TiffanyFRA
7)Billard JessicaFRA
8)Li LjudmilaRUS
9)Borovskaya AnnaUKR
10)Fadina OlgaRUS
11)Voevodina ElenaRUS
12)Stogova JenyRUS
13)Vtorova ViktoryaRUS
14)Myskina EkaterinaRUS
15)Sedova MariaRUS

Download the complete results in pdf format here


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