On 09 November 2012 at 21:11 | updated 09 November 2012 at 21:45

Children of the Future - Razors 2012 DVD Trailer

Children of the Future - Razors 2012 DVD Trailer

Sunshine Distribution is proud to introduce 'Children of the Future' – the latest Razors team video.

Around the world and back, bringing you skating from the veterans and the up and comers. Children of the Future is a testament to Razors' dedication and legacy of producing high quality videos while pushing the envelope. Enjoy our teams hard work as you get a glimpse into the present and the future.

Brian Aragon, 2012


Brian Aragon, Dre Powell, Alex Burston, Jeph Howard, Korey Waikiki, Iain McLeod, Derek Henderson, Winston Wardwell, Scott Quinn, Steven Tat, Jon Fromm, Howie Bennett, Josh Glowicki, Tyron Ballantine, Edwin Wieringh, Ton Coley, Wake Schepman, Chris Calkins, Sammy Chase, Mathias Silhan, Rachard Johnson, Courtney Cain, Joey Ihara, Fabio Enes, Carson Starnes, Erick Rodriguez, Andrew Diapaolo, Fritz Peitzner, Carlos Felix. Filmed by Phillip Long and Max Manning.

Additional Cinematography by: Dave Lang, Damien Wilson, Joey Chase, Quinn Feldman, Jeph Howard, Matt Gena, Erick Rodriguez, Adrien Anne, Hunter Hill, Micheal Garlinghouse, Daniel Scarano, Dre Powell, Rachard Johnson, Alejoh Candelo, Blake Cohen, Joey Ihara, Alex Van Dijk, Jory Van Derpol, Mykel Fatali, Issac Desanto, Sebastian Seufferheld, Radek Kojtych.

Motion Graphics and Cover Design by: Erick Rodriguez
Executive Producer: Andy Wegener

Edited and Directed by: Erick Rodriguez

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