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NSC announced a sponsorship deal with Cadomotus

NSC announced a sponsorship deal with Cadomotus

Federal Way, WA - National Speedskating Circuit (NSC), the pre-eminent professional inline speed skating league, today announced a major sponsorship deal with pioneering international speed skating powerhouse CadoMotus.

According to league CEO Miguel Jose:

"CadoMotus and the NSC are a great match. It was apparent early in our negotiations that both CadoMotus and the NSC had a very similar vision for our sport, and together we hope to take it there."

Long-term dedication to the sport is perhaps at the top of the list of attributes both NSC and CadoMotus share. The team at CadoMotus has been behind radical departures from tradition that have redefined skating on many levels for decades. From the ground-breaking design technology of the Dual-Box® inline speed-skating frame of the early 1990’s, through to the evolution of the new Dogma Lightspeed lines of carbon-based boot/frame set-ups, CadoMotus is known for pushing the envelope of design and relation, and choosing partners that have one thing in common: a passion for driving the sport further ahead, and faster than previously known.

"What you have in CadoMotus is a company made up of skaters and designers who have a long record of turning innovative concepts into equipment used by elite athletes to shatter world speed skating records, both inline and ice,” said Jose. He went on to say that what he sees in this partnership is “a chance to bring attention to the CadoMotus brand in America and also to broaden the NSC fan-base internationally."

Logo NSCAs well-known as CadoMotus is on the international speed skating scene, across all disciplines, here in the US, they’ve been a “best-kept secret” among the world-class set, and those that aspire to be there.

"Currently in the NSC, we’ve got a few of powerful skaters (Wesley Gandy, Ryan Weiderhold and Dr. BJ Steketee) sponsored by CadoMotus US, but the company hasn’t made the same play for market-share here that they’ve made in the rest of the world,” Jose said. He continued, “For us, that’s opportunity for mutual growth. NSC and CadoMotus are perfectly poised to take the sport to the next level this season, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do, together."

“With CadoMotus, we have seized the opportunity to continue the work of building the league,” said Joey Mantia, league co-founder and 28 time world champion inline speed skater. “What fuels our fans and athletes is progression. On the floor, that’s the next standing record to fall, or the next up-and-comer knocking one of the more established guys off the podium. For CadoMotus, they’re always thinking about the physical motion of speed skating, and they’re designing their products and working with partners who consider how all the parts of active speed skating motion come together to make the most efficient and intelligent use of the energy a skater creates. With CadoMotus, we’re harnessing the energy of our momentum to keep the sport growing and moving in the right direction.”

Look for a full card of events sponsored by CadoMotus this season. Running from January through June, the action all starts with the season opener this Thursday night, January 3, 2013 at Pattison’s West Skating Center in Federal Way, Washington. Doors open at 6:00 PST with racing getting underway at 6:45 pm. The live internet feed will be preceded by a pre-game show, starting at 6:15 pm PST. Hosted by league personalities, the show will take fans inside the NSC like never before. Watch live at www.pronsc.com.

For more information about CadoMotus, visit www.cadomotus.us

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