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TV: Buggy Rollin in "We are not guinea pigs" on France 5

TV: Buggy Rollin in

Jean-Yves "Buggy Rollin" Blondeau will be under the spotlight soon. He has been filming for the show "We are not guinea pigs" to be aired on France 5 on February 15.

Buggy Rollin

"We did a shoot for France 5 for the show "On est pas de cobayes" (we are not guinea pigs). Apparently broadcast is scheduled for February 15 but that can always change.

Initially, we had to shoot next to my house. A beautiful little road on rocks overlooking the lac du Bourget. It is a place where Buggy Rollin suits never had downhill yet... but the shooting schedule imposed to us brang the cold and snowy winter.

We had to go for Plan B at mont Ventoux. We have set my workshop up in a ski rental shop in the morning for the interview. We dealed about technical questions such as the evolution of armor, materials, shape, wheels ...

And Vincent, the host, wore the armor that I had brought him. But production had not specified that the size of his feet was 45. I did not have the size of roller. Have therefore we did the test without any roller on his feet ... That was no problem, it worked pretty well indeed.

Article de presse Buggy RollinWe first selected a portion of road which includes a flat portion to facilitate braking because Mount Ventoux road is specially good for long strong slope. He did various tests and we gradually increasing the slope and distance traveled. At the beginning, I was with him to catch him up, and then we were rollin in armor together for sharing sensations. He could reach 50 kmh, and he liked it alot.

France 5 Production had invited other media such as La Provence, Vaucluse morning, NRJ avignon, The Scout gatinais. We had to alternate between shooting the TV program and answering interviews. Some journalists have even stayed up at night to benefit from a bit of exclusivity."

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