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The "Brigade Roller" of Paris was dissolved


The "Brigade Roller" of Paris is a police squad on skates.The "Brigade Roller" of Paris was dissolvedon January 25th, 2013 after more than 14 years of loyal service in the capital. It has officiated for the last time during the Friday Night Skate.

The Parisian administration have cited financial reasons for ending this unique initiative. The descision was taken despite the requests of the great Parisian street skates associations. The policemen on skates will have to convert.

More than just a police brigade on wheels, these policemen gave a positive image of roller-skating and police among tourists and parisian inhabitants.The Brigade Roller did many operations of communication towards the public. They often did demonstrations during major events such as Rennes sur Roulettes. A serious setback for the integration of the roller in the urban landscape ...

More information: facebook page of the Brigade Roller and official page of the Prefecture of Police of Paris

Photo: Prefecture of Police

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