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Ewen Fernandez: a skinsuit against neurofibromatosis (type 2)

Ewen Fernandez: a skinsuit against neurofibromatosis (type 2)

The French World Champion Ewen Fernandez recently designed a special skinsuit for inline speed-skating. The purpose of the operation? Support research against type 2 neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder characterized by the development of benign tumors...

Ewen Fernandez

"After my first World title I decided to make a skinsuit to remember this wonderful time. You can see on the skinsuit the World Champion bands, my number during the championships, location, the race I won, Powerslide logo, my signature and a photo of the race. But this is not all, the most important is the NEUROFIBROMATOSES logo. The main goal of this skinsuit is to donate all the money to the association for RESEARCH to help people who suffer of that disease.

So why do I support this association? My brother suffered from neurofibromatoses Type 2, and because of that he has lost thehearing in one ear. So together with the help of my parents we are doing our small part to help.

More information on this disease on the site: http://www.anrfrance.fr/ (sorry it is in French)"

The skinsuit will be first sold at the 3 piste event this Spring

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