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French skaters competing for the World Games 2013

French skaters competing for the World Games 2013

The World Games 2013 will take place in the Cauca Valley in Colombia from 25th July to 4th August 2013. The city of Cali will host the event and also celebrate its 476th anniversary.

The Colombian city already welcomed the national multisport championships in 2008 with nearly 6,000 participants. In 2009, Cali also hosted the 2009 UCI track World Championships (cycling). Last but not lease, Cali also welcomed the inline speed-skating World championships.

France will obviously represented at the World Games 2013 in three disciplines of roller-skating.

Here is the list of registered skaters...

Inline Speed-Skating

  • Gwendal Le Pivert
  • Alexis Contin
  • Ewen Fernandez
  • Nathalie Barbotin
  • Justine Halbout
  • Clémence Halbout

Note: A quota does not mean automatic selection.


  • Marine Portet (solo artistique)
  • Pierre Meriel (solo artistique & couple danse) 
  • Prescillia Henneguelle (couple danse)
  • Camellia Cherifi et Thomas Picard (couple artistique )


The French Men roller-hockey team will be there with 14 players.

The final selection will take place in mid June.

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